Coronavirus Daily Summary

New cases: 0
New deaths: 0
Total cases: 611
Total deaths: 6

Newsbook says that Chris Fearne “confirmed that the sixth person reported as a victim of coronavirus had in fact died of complications related to the intestines.”

Newsbook reports that Ryanair will be able to fly to Malta from July 1. Maltese authorities say no decision has been taken on the re-opening of MIA.

A teachers’ union is instructing its members not to attend summer school if the government fails to present protocols, reports Newsbook.

Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri insisted that he and PM Robert Abela did not breach any public health recommendations when they had dinner in Gozo, denying that they had been served food to share.

The Police are investigating yesterday’s incident regarding a crowd which gathered at the Granaries.

Reportedly the authorities weren’t happy with this video circulating on social media:

19 people have been fined for being groups of more than 6 since Friday, reports the Times.

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