COVID Daily Summary

Newsbook reports that doctors are being asked to buy protective equipment against COVID-19. Doctors have also been instructed to contact the Public Health Department immediately if they come across a suspected case. The MUMN is still insisting that Mater Dei Hospital is not prepared for an outbreak of coronavirus. Yesterday MUMN’s allegations were denied by Prof. Michael Angelo Borg. Borg is the head of the Department of Infection Control at Mater Dei.

The Times reports that “supermarkets saw double the average day of sales” due to the panic buying on the island. The website also reports that misinformation is on the rise.

MaltaToday reports that “a circular issued by the Maltese education and health ministries has instructed staff and students who have visited China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Iran, and northern Italy, to stay at home for 14 days.”

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